We’re so pumped about your interest in the We Are One Internship Program! This semester is going to be fast paced, crazy exciting, and full of so much vision and outreach through all of the avenues that we have to present to our church and community. You will have so much opportunity to discover your giftings, strengths and weakness, practice teamwork, and learn more about who you are as a person and Christ-follower.

The following is a list of requirements and thoughts to keep in mind while entering this internship. We will be as flexible as possible, (if you communicate with us), but our aim is to build a team of students and young adults that are passionate about God’s Church and willing to serve it by any means necessary.


  1. You must attend all Wednesdays, Progression (if applicable), and Sunday (AM and PM).

  2. You must have attended We Are One for consistently at least 3 months before applying.

  3. You must practice Biblical principles as a Christ-follower such as:

    • PRAYER / BIBLE READING - these must be a number one priority throughout the course of this internship so we ask you commit to praying and reading your Word for a combined hour a day for at least five days a week. (This can be done through personal devotion time, team prayer times, or other group prayer times you may be apart of.)

    • TITHING - you must tithe 10% of all of your earnings. 

  4. You must refrain from any and all substances and addictions (ie. drinking, smoking, cursing, etc.) that will keep you from reaching your potential in Christ — LET’S JUST ALL STAY ACCOUNTABLE.

  5. Wednesday is a HOLY DAY — You must be available from time of arrival until the end of the night. You’ll be dismissed by a supervisor after the night is over. 

  6. You must check out with an Internship Supervisor before you leave any on-site serving.

  7. Your dress code must be modest and above reproach. If any form of movement reveals anything that shouldn't be revealed, you shouldn't be wearing it. (If a pastor or leadership is uncomfortable with your choice of clothing you will be asked to change what you’re wearing.)

  8. You must communicate and respond to all messages or threads.

  9. What you post on social media is important.

    • If you have any questionable pictures/statuses/fake accounts/etc. on any social media platform make sure they are removed and that you abstain from any type of questionable content on your online presence. (If a pastor or leadership is uncomfortable with any post, they have the right to ask you to take it down.)

    • Our social media accounts should reflect what God is doing in our lives and in our church, so your posting should weekly consist of promoting We Are One encounters and events, Gateway Assembly, and the community you’re a part of. 

  10. Since one of our core values is that “We Get To SERV”, that should be modeled not only within the internship but also on Sundays. So we ask that you join a SERV team and participate in building the kingdom alongside the rest of Gateway. There are a variety of options including but not limited to: Gateway Kids, Nursery, Stage Team, Events Table, etc. 

  11. The environments, activities, and behavior you choose to associate with must be above reproach. This should include abstaining from school dances, inappropriate parties, questionable concerts, etc. (If a pastor or leadership is uncomfortable with your attendance to any particular event, they have right to tell you not to attend.) 

  12. If you are in high school or recently graduated before or during the course of the internship we ask that you would refrain from dating or pursuing or being pursued by anyone (as this is a time to put your undivided focus towards God). If you are currently dating/talking to anyone, we ask that you communicate that with the Pastoral Team and communicate with your girlfriend/boyfriend that you will be setting your relationship aside to give your all to the internship and Jesus. (Young Adults: if you are currently dating/talking to anyone, we ask that you communicate that with the Pastoral Team so that together we can determine the best step for this season of your life.)

  13. All texts (this includes all social media, Snap, DM, Facebook inboxing) sent to the opposite sex must be done through the accountability of a group thread.

  14. To strengthen accountability, no intern should ever be found alone with someone of the opposite sex on or off the team (ie. meetings, in a car, shopping, getting food, etc.). 

  15. Lastly, your attitude must exemplify Jesus Christ, the Pastoral Team and We Are One in all that you do as an intern.