Basic Information
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Participating on a missions trip will require that you commit to raising the financial support needed to cover all expenses for airfare, housing, food, ground transportation, ministry materials, etc. It’s our expectation that you are willing to work hard at developing a team of prayer and financial ministry partners who will help send you on this mission. You will be resourced on how to do this.
I agree that if I do not raise enough financial support to cover the cost of this trip, I will be responsible to pay for it from my own reserves/savings.

The following questions relate to one's moral convictions. The information disclosed will be treated with respect and honor and will only be seen by individuals directly involved in your application decision or appropriate missions leadership. Your responses for our application process do not necessarily disqualify you for acceptance. We value growth and restoration. We may need to call you to discuss the questions further. 

Health & Medical Information
The environment you experience on missions trip will likely be different than usual life. Some of the unique conditions are listed below and we'd like you to evaluate any reaction you may have or accommodation you wish to seek in order to participate in a missions trip with We Are One. The following are some conditions you may encounter on mission: • Extended air-travel • Housing without elevators, or air conditioning • Extensive walking, or taking public transportation possibly while carrying luggage • Full and/or very demanding schedule • Food that is prepared for the whole project (you may not have control over what food is available) • Being in a beach environment where people wear bathing suits all the time • Sharing cramped living quarters • Not having your own space, and limited free time Please note: A pre-existing medical condition does not necessarily disqualify you from being accepted to participate in a project, however it is a necessary component of the application process to ask these questions. Know that we may not be able to accommodate all your needs.
By checking "I AGREE," It means you have read the WE ARE ONE MISSIONS COVENANT and can faithfully commit to each requirement. * I AGREE *
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If you are under the age of 18, by checking the "Parental Consent" button, it means you have effectively communicated with your parents/guardians about all of the requirements and they are in agreement. *
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